Jennifer Salisbury – Jazz Singer

An enchanting singer with a natural sense of swing, Jennifer Salisbury has made a name of herself among the jazz community with her breezy renditions of the american songbook. 
When onstage, she channels the great voices of the ‘40s and ‘50s guiding her audience in a time-traveling roller-coaster of emotions, navigating the history of jazz.
— Nikos Fotakis – Australian Jazz Net
Jennifer’s voice sparkles like antique diamonds, clear and true, and her original tunes sound like they’re meant to take their place amongst the canon of jazz standards. Joining forces with wunderkind James Mustafa has elevated Jennifer’s musicality to the upper echelon of modern jazz singers in this country.
— Kimba Griffith - Jazz Singer and Creative Extraordinaire
Jen Salisbury really is a one of a kind, rare gem. Her velvety smooth vocal stylings and refined professionalism are like a whiskey on a cold winter’s evening, even if you’re not a whiskey person. We’ve been looking forward to this album for a while now!
— Sam Gregory - Instinct Entertainment
It was a joy to record Jen’s debut album at Pughouse Studios. A unique, powerful and refreshing voice in jazz.
— Niko Schauble - Pughouse Studios
Jen Salisbury has mastered her craft - jazz singing! A joy to listen to a unique jazz stylist, inspired and imaginative.
— Geoff Tobin - 3CR 855FM

All photography provided by Tiago Brissos