Track Notes - by Jen (Unspoken Rule)


A breif guide to the thoughts behind each track

1.Unspoken Rule: A melancholy, lovely, romantic tune about being attracted to someone that is unobtainable.

2. There was a time: A reflection on the time spent thinking about someone as you fall in love.

3. I wish: The feeling that you want to be swept up in an unrealistic romance, with all the glamour and excitement.

4. My Middle Name is Moderation: When you are feel like partying and being free. You want to love and to be loved. You are particularly vulnerable to meeting someone like Mr Fix- it.

5. Mr Fix-it: A cocky consumer of vulnerable hearts. He will experience you, chew you up, spit you out and move on like a life sucking plague. He acts so cool, he acts so perfect, his romantic illusion attracts hearts like moths to a flame.

6.You've changed: Before your very eyes the interest disappears.

7. Washing line: The depths of despair as you know you have been used.

8.Web of Gold: A reflection on what has just occurred and the lingerings of romantic melancholy.

9.Baby I'm Sorry: Time to have a gin, pick up your chin and move on. Open your heart to a new love, a new love that can be true.

10. Red, Red Robin: You are happy again, fresh with new self esteem, inner strength and happy times ahead.