Destination Moon

Destination Moon Jazz Trio are born out of the love for the vintage, chic, and style of 30s, 40s and 50s jazz.

With the conviction and dynamics of vocalist Jennifer Salisbury, the tenacity and experience of guitarist Sam O'Halloran and the hard swinging virtuosity of whiz kid double bassist Hiroki Hoshino, any venue can become a smokey 30's jazz club or a swinging 50's bar.

If you are looking for a cool vibe for a party, function or wedding, Destination Moon will rocket you back in time and forward in class.



Dr Crask and His Swingin' Elixir

We are a hot swing band playing the Savoy Ballroom classics with blues infused solos from Keaton Tait on guitar.

A short biography

Whatever ails you, a dose of Dr Crask and his Swingin' Elixir is guaranteed to get you on your feet. Playing swing tunes predominantly of the 30's and 40's, the Swingin' Elixir kicks out the dancing tunes with Lindy Hop in mind. You'll hear songs that were performed by the likes of Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Prima just to name a few. The 3 piece rhythm section, and 3 piece horn section, together with the silky smooth vocals of Jen Salisbury, comprise this 'little big-band'.

A long biography

Gregory Craske formed this band initially to play his charity event called Swingin’ The Blues Away 2013; a swing dance event that raised money for an organization dealing with mental health issues in our community. A keen Lindy Hopper himself, his focus has been on playing the tunes of the Savoy Ballroom era, and to re- imagine the jumpin’ vibe of this iconic dance hall with a smaller and more portable ensemble. The arrangements are both drawn from original charts and also arranged by members of the group. The lush horn section and guitar that draws on early blues forms provides a splash of individuality, and some red hot solos. The vocals of Jennifer Salisbury round off the sound with a timbre and delivery well- matched to the era of choice. 



Unspoken Rule

Unspoken Rule is an 8 piece jazz band featuring Jennifer Salisbury (vox) and James Mustafa (trumpet).

Intrigue - Romance - Desire - Love - Heartbreak - Despair - Hope and everything, in fact, that makes life worth living. 

This is the story of ‘Unspoken Rule’, a jazz project built around the endless ramifications of love, as narrated through Jennifer Salisbury’s songs. 

An enchanting singer with a natural sense of swing, Jennifer Salisbury has made a name of herself among the jazz community with her breezy renditions of the american songbook. 
When onstage, she channels the great voices of the ‘40s and ‘50s guiding her audience in a time-traveling roller-coaster of emotions, navigating the history of jazz. Her own songwriting is deeply influenced by the golden era of jazz; it’s almost impossible to tell apart the songs that she wrote herself, from the classic repertoire she draws from to tell the Unspoken Rule story; songs immortalized by Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Doris Day, Benny Goodman, in unexpected arrangements by James Mustafa, turning the project into a balancing act between the vintage and modern esthetics. 

Led by the incandescent Jennifer Salisbury, the band comprises of a dream team of talented musicians, some of the best of the vibrant Melbourne Jazz community. James Mustafa, an inventive composer, bandleader and multi-instrumentalist, has been experimenting with jazz orchestration through the Melbourne Composers Big Band, his own James Mustafa Jazz Orchestra and his work with the Horns of Leroy and Backburners; Sam O’ Halloran is a fixture in the Melbourne Gypsy Swing Scene, after mastering the idiom in France; Trent Howard’s signature voice on the tenor sax has made him a favourite among the big band and swing bands; Aaron Rodriguez makes his baritone sax the gravitational point in any band that he plays in; Selene Messinis is a fiery pianist, constantly exploring a range of rhythmic patterns, from european minimalism to latin’; Hiroki Hoshino is one of the hardest-working and versatile double bassists in the community, having played with a vast array of greats, from Allan Browne and Tony Gould to Gerald Clayton and Enrico Rava; Tim Clifton has been playing drums since he was nine and since his graduation from the Monash University Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music he’s been performing alongside some of the most respected national and international jazz artists. 

Line Up:
Jen Salisbury: Voice
James Mustafa: Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Aaron Rodriguez: Baritone Sax
Trent Howard: Tenor Sax
Sam O'Halloran: Guitar
Hiroki Hoshino: Double Bass
Tim Clifton: Drums
Selene Messinis: Piano

Jen's track notes

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